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Bespoke, flexible, efficient... it’s what we do.


Bespoke, flexible, efficient ... it’s what we do.

Fitzpatrick Laboratory Supplies was established to become Ireland's leading independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables. We are a privately owned, 100% Irish business committed to providing unparalleled expertise and products for customer solutions. Because of our independence, we are unique in our approach to sourcing and supplying the highest quality, best value products and brands, providing precisely what you need, exactly when and where you need it. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure our team will take care of you and provide a dedicated service that’s designed entirely around you and your business.

Niall Fitzpatrick - Managing Director

Niall has been in the Laboratory Supplies sector now for over 30 years. He set up Fitzpatrick Laboratory Supplies in the knowledge that a new agile business with an emphasis on customer service was needed in Ireland. What Niall brings to the company is a deep rooted understanding of the business both inside and out.

He focused on how we as a company handle every aspect, from our vast range of products to experience with processes in the life sciences, chemical and education sectors. From Goods in, Deliveries through to Chemicals, Apparatus and Life sciences and Account Management and finance, he has worked through all aspects of the Laboratory Supplies business in his career, understanding now what we do and how we give the best possible customer experience. Niall plays a vital role in maintaining customer and supplier relationships which are so important to the future of our business.

He enjoys family, rugby, chess and kung-fu.

Why not give Niall a call... +353 (0) 87 343 1487
Email: niall@fitzlabs.ie

Eamonn Carey - Director

Eamonn is a highly motivated and results driven with over 30 years professional experience in the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Laboratory Research, Food and Beverage market sectors. Behind the scene, Eamonn is also experienced in supply chain risk  management, logistics, production planning and change control implementation. He possesses excellent communication skills with an ability to establish sustainable profitable relationships with customers, suppliers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Eamonn is also a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA), and this coupled with his experience and with companies such as Sigma, Merck, Honeywell, Alfa Aesar, Romil, USP, TE Labs and VWR, gives him a unique insight into the specification, supply and logistics demands of the chemical sector.

His direct involvement over the years in the many different aspects of the laboratory supplies business in Ireland, gives Eamonn a thorough understanding of customers needs.

Why not give Eamonn a call... +353 (0) 87 738 5011
Email: eamonn@fitzlabs.ie