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At Fitzpatrick Laboratory Supplies we offer a comprehensive chemical portfolio to cover all applications for the modern day laboratory from biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, GC, HPLC, cytology, genomics and many more. The ranges of products available include but are not limited to ph buffers, conductivity standards, volumetric solutions, analytical standards, pharmaceutical grade solutions, solvents, salts, karl fischer reagents, agars and supplements, the range is vast and no product is beyond our scope.

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CARLO ERBA Reagents SAS, an international recognized supplier of chemicals since 1853, is specialized in high quality products, meeting your highest requirements : alcohols, solvents, minerals, buffers, acids in different grades, all included in a range of around 6000 references.

Thanks to two production sites located in France and easily adaptable, CARLO ERBA Reagents is also a partner of choice for your industrial needs in tailor made mixtures, in packaging of salts and solvents and in purification of high purity solvents. These services can be linked to a dedicated shuttle service of 5L to 1000L packing size and to an exigent quality control able to fit your specific analysis requirements.

Complete range of Analytical grade Reagents (RPE) with a high degree of purity, conform to the specifications of the most important international standards like ACS, ISO and reagents pharmacopeia.

Special reagents (RS) with high quality and functionality adapted to the most advanced instrumental techniques such as ATRASOL® range for trace analysis, PESTIPUR® for pesticides analysis, GC-MS line or  UHPLC-MS line…superior products subject to technical purification and individuals analytical testing.

Pharmaceutical grade products ERBAPHARM® and XCIPHARM®, conform to the main pharmacopeia, used as starting materials, synthesis intermediates, excipients…

Tailor made service to meet your expectations and requirements: experience, flexibility, adaptability. Specific mixtures (organic or aqueous), purification of high quality solvents, production of all kind of solutions or mixtures « ready to use » for the laboratory.

CARLO ERBA Reagents is the 1st manufacturer of laboratory reagents in France and South of Europe with 2 production plants and a Logistics Hub in France employing around 150 people.

  • Val de Reuil, near Paris
  • Peypin, near Marseille

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