The NEW generation of dry solvents


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CARLO ERBA Reagents anhydrous solvents are now available with a new generation of caps and septa. With their redesign, these not only ensure a better grip and handling, but also offer protection against moisture absorption and thus guarantee a higher product quality.

  • Brown glass bottles - optimally protected from UV rays
  • Available in 100 ml & 1 l bottles
  • New flip-top caps - easy to open, easy to close
  • Tamper-proof locking rings - double guarantee on unused products
  • Inside there is a new septum with 3 large areas - for easy insertion of the syringe
  • 2 resistant septum materials:

Orange Septum:
made of butyl rubber / PTFE

Black septum:
made of bromobutyl / PTFE


Product Application Code - 100ml Code - 1000ml
Acetone RS ERBAdry® P00510D03 P00510D16
Acetonitrile RS ERBAdry® P00610D03 P00610D16
Butanol-1 RS ERBAdry® P01710D03 P01710D16
tert-Butanol RS ERBAdry® P01910D03 P01910D16
Butyle acetate RS ERBAdry® P00110D03 P00110D16
tert-Butylmethylether RS ERBAdry® P09210D03 P09210D16
Chloroforme RS ERBAdry® stabilized with amylene P02410AD03 P02410AD16
Chloroforme RS ERBAdry® stabilized with ethanol P02410ED03 P02410ED16
Cyclohexane RS ERBAdry® P02510D03 P02510D16
Dichloromethane RS ERBAdry® stabilized with amylene P02910AD03 P02910AD16
Dichloromethane RS ERBAdry® stabilized with ethanol P02910ED03 P02910ED16
Diethyl ether RS ERBAdry® stabilized with BHT P04410D03 P04410D16
n,n-Dimethylformamide RS ERBAdry® P03410D03 P03410D16
Dimethylsulfoxide RS ERBAdry® 5081D03 5081D16
1,4-Dioxane RS ERBAdry® P03610D03 P03610D16
Ethanol absolu RS ERBAdry® P013A10D03 P013A10D16
Ethyle acetate RS ERBAdry® P00210D03 P00210D16
Formamide RS ERBAdry® P61510D03 P61510D16
n-Heptane RS ERBAdry® P05010D03 P05010D16
n-Hexane 99% RS ERBAdry® P05230D03 P05230D16
n-Hexane 95% RS ERBAdry® P05210D03 P05210D16
Isopentane RS ERBAdry® P06510D03 P06510D16
Isopropyl ether RS ERBAdry® P04310D03 P04310D16
Methanol RS ERBAdry® P09310D03 P09310D16
Methylcyclohexane RS ERBAdry® P05810D03 P05810D16
Methylethylketone RS ERBAdry® P02010D03 P02010D16
Methylisobutylketone RS ERBAdry® P06010D03 P06010D16
n-Methylpyrrolidone-2 RS ERBAdry® P08710D03 P08710D16
n-Pentane RS ERBAdry® P06410D03 P06410D16
Propanol-1 RS ERBAdry® P09410D03 P09410D16
Propanol-2 RS ERBAdry® P09510D03 P09510D16
Pyridine RS ERBAdry® P06710D03 P06710D16
Tetrahydrofurane RS ERBAdry® P07010D03 P07010D16
Toluene RS ERBAdry® P07110D03 P07110D16



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